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NOTE: We do our best to keep our Craft Beers on our web real time with what we are pouring at Monks Addiction, however sometimes kegs get changed out prior to an update being may be made on our web.  

Please call 714.372.7706 if you are coming in for a specific Monks Craft beer.


OUR FATHER:  Our Father is a refreshing Hefeweizen beer that starts with hints of banana & clove to provide a balance of subtle spiciness. This traditionally brewed Hefe delivers a tasty and satisfying smooth finish.

5.0% ABV          15 IBUs


THE ABBEY:  This English style Double IPA is brewed with 100% Maris Otter and is unfiltered to provide soft textured dank hoppiness which is a glassful of enjoyment.

10.5% ABV         78 IBUs


HOLY MOLE:   This American Brown offers a rich dark brown color which incubuses a malty semi-sweet chocolate and caramel aroma that leads into a slight nutty quality and a moderate citrus hop flavor which all lightly linger on the palate.

5.2% ABV          32 IBUs


FRIAR TUCK:  This crafted Milk Stout is utterly a combination of Chocolate & Stout. With local cocoa nibs to accentuate this frothy and creamy delight, you will want to be sure to have our tasty grilled cheese nearby.

5.6% ABV          27 IBUs


THY SHEPHERD: A wonderful red ale you will truly savor. With the sweet notes of caramel and toffee providing the base for this deep red delight along with Maris Otter, Victory and Roasted Barley to bring this fabulous red ale into balance.

5.7% ABV          37 IBUs


BIG BLOCK:  Inspired with a passion for quality, this Big Block IPA is hopped up with a west coast brewing style and an east coast flare. Combining the two is pure excellence!

7.5% ABV          89 IBUs


DAYTONA BLONDE:  This Blonde is very approachable with her well-balanced features. Hosting cracker malt and mild citrus hops that are sure to delight your palate with a hint of lemon on the finish.  Refreshing, clean and low gluten is how this blonde rolls.

5.1% ABV          24 IBUs


SAINT JOE-SEF: A strong stout brewed with coffee, brown sugar and oats. With its powerful quality and morning ingredients it’s a perfect blend of boutique roasted fair trade beans to make this exceptional brew even better.

8% ABV          50 IBU


BEARDED NUN: Start off as a dark Scottish-style ale that leans heavily on the malt. Well balanced from the first taste to the last drop.

5.0 ABV      17 IBUs


ARCHBISHOP: A superb blend of 40% Riesling from Mer Soleil Vineyard in Santa Lucia Highlands with 60% pilsner malt. We used a healthy amount Galaxy hops for a subtle balanced bitterness and fermented with 100% lager yeast.  The Archbishop highlights the flavors of beer and wine in shared collaboration of notes that is sure to delight your palette.   

6.2% ABV,        IBU N/A


BROKEN VOW:  A Classic West Coast double IPA is big on hop flavor and aroma and carefully bittered for maximum enjoyment. Broken Vow gets it flavors from extremely liberal additions of Chinook, Citra and Amarillo added very late in the boil. This DIPA leaves nothing to be desired!

8.9% ABV     78 IBUs


THE CRYING NUN:  This uniquely craft sour blonde contains ancient healing power of Quercus and bramble fruit.  Aged for 1,000’s of hours in anointed wine barrels with a healthy endowment of blackberries.  You will find notes of the delicate fruit throughout this divinely crafted rosey hued sour beer.

4% ABV    IBU  N/A


BEARDED NUN: Start off as a dark Scottish-style ale that leans heavily on the malt. Well balanced from the first taste to the last drop.

5.0 ABV      17 IBUs


The HALO: This American pale ale is golden copper in color, big hop aroma, mild sweetness, dry finish with a mellow lingering bitterness. This a beer for pale ale lovers that is steeped in tradition but has that new school hoppy nose! 100% Falconers Flight!

5.3%ABV        35 IBUs



THE RISING:  This crafted IPA starts with Southern Hemi hops from New Zealand and Australia. The Rising is light in color, extremely bright with citrus hop aroma from Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin and Dr. Rudi hops.  This craft delight is surely a blessing!

6.5% ABV          45 IBUs



DESPERADO:  Starting with a Mexican Chocolate to create this delicious Imperial Stout is just the beginning of this delightful craft beer.  Add the aging in a bourbon barrel along with delivering it on Nitro and you will learn why we named it Desperado. It surely leaves an impression on you.

9.0 ABV            IBU  N/A


MISSIONARY:  This Belgian-style saison beer is rich with bready notes and a subtle sweetness on the palate with a slight tart finish. Adding in fresh strawberries gives the Missionary craft a strawberry blonde hue and soft yet crisp flavor that is pleasing to both the nose and palate.

6.0% ABV          31 IBUs


REDEMPTION: Our Black Imperial Stout is aged in red wine barrels for about 9 months. The Redemption is smooth and malty with hints of wine and oak. There is a subtle tart acidity and a bright juicy aroma that is a remnant of the wine. Truly a great sipping beer that evokes memories of bitter chocolate notes and cherry finish.

9% ABV        50 IBUs